Services and fees


$10 / per instrument (state regulated fee): Includes witnessiing of signature; notary stamp and embossed seal (state regulated fee)


  • Court Forms                           
  • Oath/Affirmations                  
  • Acknowledgements              
  • Power of Attorney                
  • Affidavits                                 
  • Deeds/Quitclaim Deeds.      
  • Medical Documents              
  • Copy Certifications                
  • Witnesses                  $5/each signature
  • Printed copies of Documents   $1.00 per page

Additional services: Register of deeds recordings  (request as needed)  $50 minimum 

Additional Fees

  • Holidays, convenience  fee $15 
  • $15 Mobile Notary Travel fee (local)
  • Extended Mileage (over 15 miles) $1 per mile
  • County Jail visits  $50 minimum
  • Wait Time/ Late Fee- 15 minutes= $5 
  • Loan/mortgage Documents- Fees on request, please contact.

**Mobile Service due if Notary arrives and signing does not take place**

We Accept

  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Cash App 

Sorry, no personal checks accepted. 

If appointments are canceled within 2 hour notice, the no show, or no signing Fee may be waived and travel fee  will be refunded.

ID Requirements

Form of ID MUST be:

  • Original AND
  • Non expired or issued within the last five(5) years from date of notary action

All must have a photo, physical description, signature, serial number, expiration date, date of birth

ONLY  the following forms of identification are accepted to notarize any document:

  • Original  ID card or driver's license issued by the US state DMV
  • Original passport issued by the US Department of State
  • US Military ID card
  • Senior ID Card issued by State of Government Office
  • Employee ID card issued by a State of Government Agency
  • Driver's License issued by a Canadian or Mexican Public Agency or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Inmate identification card issued by the MI Department of Corrections (if in custody).

You will be asked to verify proper ID requirements when scheduling appointments. All appointments will require a $15.00 travel deposit.

Should you not properly verify or not bring the correct ID, nothing will be notarized, and you will still be charged a minimum $15 Travel Fee regardless. 

Rescheduling or waiting for proper documents/ID will be at the discretion of Notary and the client will be charged for time accordingly.

***DISCLAIMER- MI Notary Publics are not able to provide any legal advice***